New Keypad Lock System at UUCB

UUCB will replace all exterior locks and install a new keypad entry system for the front door to provide greater flexibility and more security. UUCB staff and members who are committee chairs for the current church year (2018–19) may request a keypad code to front door (if needed). Others who need a code can send an email request to UUCB Office Administrator Amy Szen at, (303) 494-0195. Codes will be issued and tracked by UUCB Office Admin. If you don’t have an access code, sanctuary volunteers can be asked to open the door for you.

The keypad system will allow us to: (i) unlock at specific times (e.g., Sunday mornings), (ii) conduct audits so we can see who has entered the door using the keypad code, and (iii) change individual codes as needed. Now that the new system is in place, all old door keys should be discarded, as they will no longer work.