New Pronoun Stickers for Nametags: Get Yours on Sundays!

We believe in respecting and celebrating queer and trans identities. And as UUs, we don’t just think our beliefs, we act on them! Starting this month, we put that belief into action in a simple way to support our mission to connect bravely and always love.

This month, add your pronouns to your UUCB nametag. Our goal is for everyone to have a pronoun sticker on their nametag by January.

On any Sunday you’ll find pronoun stickers to add to your nametag on the office counter. Stop by to pick up any of the following stickers: they/them, she/her, he/him, she/they, he/they, or a blank sticker on which you can write your pronouns.

We understand that one’s pronouns may be fluid, and we encourage you to pick up stickers that reflect how you identify in that moment. We also understand that you may not want to share your pronouns if you are not out with your identity or are otherwise unsure what pronouns to display to others. If this is the case, please feel free to reach out to a staff member and we can discuss confidentially — we’d love to support you however we can.

Different people may be at different points of understanding and experience with gender identity. Rev. David preached on sex and gender in November, find the recording here on our YouTube Channel to hear his “Trans 101” sermon.  If you have any questions or hesitations, or don’t feel you can wholeheartedly support adding pronouns to your nametag, Rev. David would welcome the chance to talk in more depth.

Thank you for helping us respect and honor all gender identities!