A Note From Rev. Dana

Please welcome our new teachers!

Preschool:  Chelsea Craine  

“Soul Matters” K-5 Grades:  Mary Jean Ewing, LuAnne Macy, and Lori Thorn

“Popcorn Theology” Middle/High School:  Omar Gomez

HUGE thanks to each of you for joining our great team of volunteer teachers!


Do you love being around kids? We are in need of more volunteers to help with our classes. Please let Rev. Dana know if you are interested in joining our great team of teachers to help our growing program flourish!  secondministeruucb@gmail.com


A UU Moment

Join us for “A UU Moment”, a brief, 20-minute, online worship service for all ages every Wednesday at 6:00 pm. Connect and unwind with your family and your faith community from the comfort of your own home!  NOTE – The time has changed from 6:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Click on this link or paste it into your web browser: https://zoom.us/j/8342593049 and we will see you online!

Questions? Contact Rev. Dana Lightsey – secondministeruucb@gmail.com


Monthly Parents Group

UUCB and BVUUF are offering a Parents Group for both congregations on Sunday evenings during our youth programming. This is for parents of children and youth of all ages. Rev. Dana Lightsey and Ellen Saunders Duncan will facilitate this group as we talk about family life, UUism, and issues around parenting. We will also have helpful resources and guest speakers.

We will meet on last Sundays at 4:15-5:45. Childcare will be provided if you RSVP to let us know if it is needed. Our February gathering is February 24. Let Rev. Dana know if you would like participate: secondministeruucb@gmail.com Or, just show up!

Soul Matters presents “Soulful Home”

“Soulful Home” is a new Unitarian Universalist resource for parents. Soul Matters is the resource we use for our monthly themes and they have just created a new resource for parents and families that is full of great information and activities to share with your children and youth throughout each month. You can check out the December packet here.

We save money by subscribing to the program as a congregation, so UUCB will pay for each subscription for each family. Please sign up here so you can begin receiving each monthly packet. This will cost UUCB $1 per family per month. Donations to help pay for this program are gratefully accepted.


Parents Weekly News

Do you get our Parents Weekly email? This has additional information for each week and is a great way to learn what is happening with Family Ministry. Please contact officeuucb@gmail.com to sign up. We’d love to stay in touch!



February 3“Trusting Life and the Courage to Come Out of Your Hole” The spiritual practice of exploring the connection between trusting life and personal courage

This session invites the children to role-play and reflect on animals who trust enough to come out of hiding, such as the Groundhog for Groundhog’s Day, as well as the turtle. Inspired by these animals, the young children can embody the sense of trust it takes to come out of your hole!


February 10 “Offering Love and Trust for Valentine’s Day

This session is about the practice of love in a family. Valentine’s is a time when we offer love to each other.Trust is a part of love.


“Soul Matters” – K-5 Grades Our Theme this month is “Trust”.

February 3“Trusting Life and the Courage to Come Out of Your Hole” This is about the Spirituality of using trust as a springboard for courage. This session invites the children to reflect on the importance of  trusting life and how that give us courage and hope. It sometimes feels risky to trust life, but it’s worth it!


February 10 “Offering Love and Trust for Valentine’s Day

The Practice of Trusting Each Other” We tease apart the sentimental love for Valentine’s into trust and compassion. These slightly different lenses give us more depth to reflect and act on. In honor of Black History month, we celebrate the birthday on Feb. 12 of Fannie Barrier Williams, a Black Unitarian activist.


“Popcorn Theology”

for Middle & High Schoolers

February 3 – This session’s title is “Oh, God! – What Do I Want to Know?” and features clips from the movie “Oh, God!”. We will explore ideas about the “search for truth and meaning” which is at the heart of the Fourth Principle and learn how the Six Sources of our Living Tradition can help us find answers.


February 10 – This session is “What Do I Take on Faith?”.  The movie is, “Contact”. We will explore the concept of faith as the belief in something without proof, which brings up the classic conflict between faith and science. What are the implications of the Fourth Principle, “the free and responsible search for truth and meaning”?


All Classes, All Grades

February 17FAMILY WORSHIP SERVICE  “Trusting Each Other: The Practice of Covenant” Trust is built in small steps. It is little things like the pinky swear and being a good friend. It’s not easy to place your trust in others. We want to be self-sufficient, but this service reminds us that true safety rests in trusting and relying on others.This service will be in the Sky Room.


February 24 Intergenerational Service “Chocolate Communion”This interactive, intergenerational service is about learning to trust our hearts and live from a place of courageous love, guiding us to bless the world with actions that bring people together and help to heal the world. Yes, there will be chocolate!


Looking Ahead

Do you like to plan your family’s activities many months in advance?  Please note these dates:


April 7 – Celebrating Interfaith, Part 2 – Remember the fun interfaith service we had this past December that featured our children and youth? Well, come join us again as our children, youth, and guest speakers help us celebrate the faith traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Islam. Once again, our children and youth will help our guest speakers share their stories and practices from these faith traditions.  Come enjoy the fun! This is a service for all ages.


April 21 – Easter & Egg Hunting!  Come join us for this fun event at church! More details to follow.  


May 19 – Worship For All Ages  


June 10-14 – UUCB Summer Camp!  Summer Fun at UUCB!  More details to follow soon.