Oh, UUCB, how I will miss you all!

When I came to UUCB in 2016 I was struck to find a bustling community of people who had dedicated themselves to living morally, consciously, and striving to be their best selves. Having grown up Unitarian Universalist, I had a strong background in this faith, and it has helped to support me as I explore this strange world we reside in.


My three years here have seen growth and transformation. This church has been a wonderful community for me: I’ve been able to deepen my own roots, spread out my wings, and grow further into my being. A new chapter of my life is unfolding, and I am preparing to journey East to live in Brooklyn, New York, with my partner, Jax, and our dog, Tala. We will live close to each of our sisters and many family members.


The community I have built with you has been incredibly meaningful to me, and I will always hold you in my heart. I know that we are all going through a tremendous amount of change. As a congregation, UUCB continues to strive upwards and offers a home of solace and comfort to those seeking it. Our paths continue to unfold with learning, compassion, and love. 


In Sufism we like to say the phrase “Ya Fattah.” Ya Fattah is an Arabic phrase for one of the beautiful names of God that can be recited during a big transformation or change: when someone makes a big journey somewhere new, during a marriage of partners, or as someone passes from this world into the next. Fattah contains the roots and connotations of unlocking, unfolding, blasting through a door, and moving through thresholds. When invoked, it is said to bring in the energy of the one that lifts veils, opens what is closed, and opens the heart.


Here’s to our transformations, embracing change, and travelling in this interconnected web through the many thresholds of our lives.


Ya Fattah, Ya Fattah, Ya Fattah!


In love and gratitude,

Abby Highland