Online Church: Adapting to a Changing World – A Blog Post by Beth Elliot

The pandemic may have stopped a lot of things, but it hasn’t slowed UUCB down!  We have managed to continue all our essential work and even added additional programming to meet this moment. In a time when we all can feel scared and lonely, your spiritual home is the place to go.

As we settle into the new ways of meeting, I want to make sure everyone has the information they need to manage church online. Our main ways of connecting are through Google Drive, Zoom, and the Church Website. These platforms allow us to continue to run our community, even as we are physically apart.

Google Drive

Meeting agendas, notes, and church bylaws are just some of the items you can find at church through Google Drive. We even provide the Order of Service as a Google document now. Fortunately there are lots of resources to help you learn how to use it. Here is a great tutorial on the basics:


Zoom is a video conferencing platform. This is how we do our online services, have meetings, and get together for activities like Meditation and Community Nights. We are even able to continue with Coffee Hour after services by using Zoom’s Breakout Room function. You do not need an account to participate, but having the application downloaded gives you more options. Zoom Video Conferencing Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to … › watch

The church website is the place to find the newsletters, the week’s schedule, and Members can also access the Membership Directory. We can help you keep in touch!

Having trouble with any of this? We are here to help. For Sunday Worship Services, please contact me as soon as you have a problem. I am available before and during services to assist you! Beth at or 505-250-6786 and Rev. Dana is a whiz at this tech and can be contacted at

Not sure how to connect in the community? I am here to help you. Together we can find your best fit for spiritual growth, connected community, or serving in justice work. You can call me, email me, or stop by my Office Hours on Zoom, Mondays 4-6pm and Fridays 10-11am.

See you (online) soon!