Our Place in the Web of Life

Did you know that UUBC’s solar panels generate more electricity than UUCB uses?

Did you know that the landfill where our trash goes also produces electricity?

Did you know that the bags in which we collect our recyclables are NOT recyclable? (Action note: If you take the recyclables out to our trash bins, untie the bag and dump the recyclables into the barrel. Then return the bag to the building to be reused.)

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “What affects one, affects us all.” Recently this idea was really brought home to a group of UUCBers and Boulder Valley UU Fellowship members who just completed the UUA curriculum, “Our Place in the Web of Life.” Facilitators for the series of classes were UUCBers Judith King and Deborah Davies, plus Liz Marsis from BVUUF.

This curriculum was part of our UUCB Adult Religious Education Program, and it reinforced the work that UUCB has done to become a Green Sanctuary congregation.

We interviewed people at UUCB who deal with our building use and with people at Ecocycle and Western Disposal to learn about our disposal of recycling, compost, and trash. We learned where our discards go, and we learned about how workers who deal with our waste disposal are treated. We also learned about UUCB’s well and how we treat water for our use at UUCB.

We also learned about the history of Boulder and Lafayette where our buildings are located. We learned that we are doing a pretty good job of recycling and composting and paying attention to our carbon footprint, and that we could do better.

We have come up with some ideas about how to do a better job for our environment. You’ll be hearing about these efforts in the coming months. At the August UUCB retreat ,  we’ll offer a mini-version of the class to give you just a taste of what we learned. We expect to offer the full series of classes again, probably in the fall.

And, not least of all, we discovered how these topics tie closely to our UU Principles and Purposes.

-Dianne Ewing and the”Our Place in the Web of Life” Class