Reflections from Your Ministerial Intern

As a teenager I attended a UU summer camp at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center in North Carolina. Every night, our cabin (usually eight boys and two counselors) would sit in a circle on the floor, light a candle, and reflect on the day together. We would each have a chance to share, uninterrupted, and all others would listen. This is no small feat for teenage boys.


The experience of being truly listened to, of feeling seen and valued by a group of peers, changed my life. I can hear my inner voice so much more clearly when others hold the space to truly listen. I have been astounded by this truth again and again. I believe the spiritual practice of coming together for small group ministry is foundational to our covenantal faith. Are you willing to give it a try? We have a few opportunities coming up:



As you know, my internship concludes in only two short months. Along with Rev. Kelly, this is a time of wrapping up and saying goodbye for me. There is sadness but also so much good ministry packed into the months of May and June. I value connecting with you and learning from you, my teaching congregation. There is still time to connect, so reach out during coffee hour or set up an appointment with me if you would like to have a longer conversation. Thank you for continuing to support me!


I leave you with one of my current favorite songs. Remember, even if you accomplish nothing today, you are enough.


In Trust,

Christopher Watkins Lamb

Intern Minister