Reinventing Tea Houses!

Mary Pierce and Dianne Ewing have been lining up hosts for informal Sunday afternoon gatherings on the third Sunday afternoon each month for a number of years. We have very lively and enthusiastic gatherings some months and smaller turn outs other months. And some months it is hard to find a host. With so many UUCB events going on, Mary and Dianne have decided that we need a change! Let’s make the Tea Houses quarterly gatherings instead of monthly ones, and maybe we could find a new name. Perhaps we can find some new blood to help us as hosts or organizers. Your thoughts are welcome! Contact Mary (303-360-0187) or Dianne (303-776-0227) with ideas.


We will have our spring Tea House on May 19 at the home of Dorothy Ciarlo, from 2 to 4. She has fantastic views of the foothills and plains. Watch for details later. Our next Tea House will be September 15, and we will have our traditional December Tea House with holiday sing along at the home of Diana and Michael King on December 15.