Request for photos from the 2018-2019 church year

from the Archives Team (Tessa Davis, Ginny Black, Nicole Ball, Bob Evens, Amy Phillips)

We know that many of you take photos and/or videos of church events during the year and we are grateful to all of you who have shared them with us in the past.   Starting this 2018-2019 church year, we would like to compile a yearly digital presentation of photos to share with the congregation.


Because it is overwhelming for us to receive hundreds of unlabeled photos, we are putting in place some procedures that will make it easier for us to make these pictures available to the congregation.


Going forward, to share photos or videos with the UUCB Archives, please do the following:


  • Make sure your photos/videos document a UUCB event, or an event in which UUCB was represented (such as General Assembly or Pride Fest).


  • Choose no more than 5 photos per event. Include the date, name of the event, and names of the people in the photos (if you know them) in the photo metadata, or written on the back of printed photos.


  • Printed photos and labeled thumb drives can be left in the Archives mailbox in the church office. Digital photos can be emailed to us at:


Thank you very much for helping us make this yearly digital historical record possible.  If you have photos from previous years that you have not shared with us, we would love to receive them too, but, again, please include captions with the event, date and names of any people you can identify.