Rev. David Schwartz’s Arrival at UUCB

The UUCB faith community joyfully awaits the arrival of Rev. David Schwartz as our next called minister. The contract for our shared ministry with Rev. David begins on August 1, 2021.

Please be advised that details regarding his transition from Chicago to Boulder are still being developed. Rev. David will likely not be in the pulpit until mid- to late- August. August will be a time to get to know staff, meet with Board members and other leaders, and learn more about the congregation. Together we will embark on a path of deep trust building and relationship. This is a time of story-telling, and Rev. David is eager to find out the history behind our practices and expectations. Let us remind ourselves and each other that we are beginning a new shared story with Rev. David and events may unfold differently than they have in the past. This is an exciting time for curiosity and kindness.