Seniors’ Salon: A New Affinity Group

Last spring, after hearing back from some of the forty-five over-75-years-old UUCB members, nine of them met a couple of times and formed a new UUCB Affinity Group.  They named it Seniors’ Salon and declared that The purpose and mission of the UUCB Seniors’ Salon is to openly, respectfully and lovingly share among ourselves relevant stories and information about facing and thriving in the later stages of life.  This open discussion group has grown to 14 UUCB members who have self-selected to participate.  (There isn’t a lower-age criteria. Nor an upper-age criteria, come to think of it!) They meet from 10am to noon on the second Tuesday of each month at members’ homes, including member homes in retirement communities.  Monthly meeting locations appear in the preceding week’s Mid-Week Messenger with an instruction to email Ron Gould for further information. His email address is if you would like further information about Seniors’ Salon itself.