September 2018 Share Our Plate: Boulder Food Rescue

UUCB’s Share Our Plate recipient for September is Boulder Food Rescue

Nominated by UUCB Climate Action Ministry

Step 1: We work with 28+ local businesses to donate soon-to-expire or overstocked food – primarily fruits and vegetables – that would otherwise be thrown away.

Step 2: Our donors load this food into boxes and set them aside for our volunteers to pick up and sort.

Step 3: Every day, volunteers load the donated food into bike trailers and haul it directly to one of our 40+ recipient sites that is scheduled to receive it.

Step 4: Our recipient sites – including day shelters, food pantries, and community centers – use the donated food within 24-48 hours.

  • Our “just-in-time” food rescue model doesn’t require sorting or storage, allowing us to deliver fresh food to our recipients.
  • By delivering food using bicycles, we have developed a sustainable food rescue model that is quick, economical, and gentle on the environment.
  • In addition to delivering food to recipient sites, we also work with community leaders at housing sites for low-income seniors, individuals, and families, after-school programs, and preschools to help them set up No Cost Grocery Programs, enabling them to actualize their own food security.

We have volunteer opportunities for bike delivery, food sorters, bike maintenance team, food justice blog, grant writing, fundraising, etc.