10 Days in Another World / Celebrating Your True North

First Service: 10 Days in Another World
9th Grade Trip Participants

Our 9th graders will share their experience of the year-long program that culminated in a intercultural experience at Third Mesa with the Navajo and Hopi People. Religious education will be offered for preschool through 5th grade. Stay for a short gathering immediately after the service to hear how 13 congregations are working with the 9th Grade Trip Steering Committee to ensure trip safety, UU identity, and longevity. Presented by Rev. Kelly and Becky Martin, UUCB Liaison to 9th Grade Trip.


Second Service: Celebrating Your True North
Rev. Kelly Dignan

Rev. Kelly will offer a message, and our High School Seniors will “bridge” to Young Adulthood. Do you have a milestone? How have you followed your “true north” this year? Come celebrate your transformation.