Sign Up for CPR/AED Training – Limited Slots Left!

As part of a commitment to health and safety for the UUCB community, on Sunday February 19th, we’ll hold on-site, practical CPR and AED (defibrillator) training for the congregation led by Curtis Stringer, a local RN and physician educator.

These half-hour trainings show “hands-only” CPR and how to use the church’s AED. They’ll include teaching, demonstration, practice, and questions. This will be in accordance with the American Heart Association’s philosophy that the public learns better and retains longer, with shorter classes and more hands-on! It will not include infant CPR, only adult and a certification card will not be issued.

Space is limited: twelve seats are available for the 12:15 training, and twelves seats are available for the 1:00pm training. Our goal is to fill every single seat and share practical CPR and AED training throughout the congregation.

Please sign up at the link provided in the Weekly Messenger. If you do not receive Messenger emails, feel free to contact our Office Administrator, Sam Henderson, at to receive the link. Hope to see you there!