Sparks of Light

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A UU Moment

Join us every Wednesday at 6:30pm for a brief, 20-minute, online worship service for all ages. Connect and unwind with your family and your faith community from the comfort of your own home. Just click on this link or paste it into your web browser:  

Questions? Contact Rev. Dana Lightsey,


Interfaith Service for All Ages, Part 2  

On April 7, our children and youth will participate with guest speakers to present stories and reflections about four faith traditions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism. Come join us for this fun service!


Celebrate Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt

Preschoolers through our 5th Graders are invited to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt on April 21, Easter Sunday. The hunt will commence after BOTH services.  


Child Dedications – May 12

As Unitarian Universalists, we have a child dedication ceremony that celebrates each child as a unique part of our community and reminds us all of our responsibilities to help each child grow and develop in this beloved community. Children of any age are invited to participate in this ceremony which will be held on Mother’s Day, May 12.  Please RSVP to Rev. Dana Lightsey if you would like your children included.


UUCB Offers Summer Camp  Mark your calendars!

June 10-14, 9 am – 3 pm.

We are excited to offer Summer Camp for children becoming 1st graders through 6th graders. We have positions for middle school and high school students to be counselors and assistants. Justin Biegger (Mr. Gamemaster, himself) will be our Co-Director!  Mark your caleMore details soon…


Parents Group

All are invited to attend our month Parents Group on Sunday, March 24 at 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm. Rev. Dana Lightsey and Ellen Saunders Duncan are facilitating this group as we talk about family life, UUism, and issues around parenting. We will also have helpful resources and guest speakers.

Do you need childcare? Please RSVP to let us know and we will provide it.  

Questions? Contact Rev. Dana Lightsey,


Soul Matters – “Soulful Home”

“Soulful Home” is a new Unitarian Universalist resource for parents and families that is full of great information and activities to share with your children and youth throughout each month. If you are interested, please sign up at:


This will cost UUCB $1 per family per month. Donations to UUCB to help pay for this program are gratefully accepted. The March packets are out. Let Rev. Dana know if you didn’t receive your copy or if you have questions.


“Celebrating Me and My World” – Preschool


March 3“I Can Pretend” This lesson is about creating a supportive atmosphere in which children can pretend will help them feel that they are creative, imaginative, and fun to be with.


March 10“My World Has Animals” This session focuses on differentiating between the animals we care for as pets and the wild animals we care for by taking care of the earth.


March 17“My World Has Fish” We share our world with fish, but they live in a different part of the world. We can help fish by taking care of the part of the world that we share, the water.


March 24“My World Has Birds” We share our world with birds. People love to listen to birds singing and to imagine how fun it would be to fly like birds. We can help birds by making sure the world is safe for them.


March 31 “My World Has Water” When children understand that the water they drink and wash in is the same as the water that falls as rain, and is found in lakes and oceans, they experience their interconnectedness with the world around them.


“Soul Matters” – K-5 Grades

Our Theme for the month of March is “Journey”.


March 3“The Journey Inward” Some journeys take place outside us; others take place inside us. This class will focus on the practice of inward reflection as we invite the children to experience a variety of ways to journey in, reflect and meditate.


March 10“The Journey Outward: The Practice of Pilgrimage” We grow when we make a journey that challenges us. This class is about the practice of pilgrimage.  Exploring and growing are part of making a journey. A pilgrimage is a journey to a special place with a special meaning.


March 17“The Journey of Justice” We speak out for justice in many ways. One way is to take journeys called marches and protests. We walk/move/roll together to move justice forward. There are marches for justice taking place all over the country, as folks walk/roll/move to witness something they would like to be changed – keeping immigrant families together, protesting gun violence, helping people of color find justice. Being on the journey of justice means speaking out for fairness and kindness.


March 24“Journey Beginnings: The Practice of Marking the Start” We begin as blessings; The journey of life is about sharing our blessings. UUs welcome babies to the journey of life by telling them they are a gift. This lesson will help young children learn about unique UU rituals for the beginning of life.


March 31 – This class will be a rehearsal for the Intergenerational Interfaith service on Sunday, April 7.


“Popcorn Theology” – for Middle & High Schoolers

March 3 – “One Nation Under God”  Movie: “Jesus Camp” This class will consider the conflict between fundamentalist Christianity and the teachings of Jesus; understand how these ideas can determine or influence a person’s world-view; and explore our role as religious people in social activism.


March 10“The Lesser of Two Evils”  Movie: “Stargate: The Ark of Truth”  

Is there ever a time when the ends justifies the means? We will try to understand why people may do things even though they know they are not morally right. And, we will explore how their faith can help them make the right decisions.


March 17“The Way of Truth and Love”  Movie: “Gandhi”

Consider how conflict often arises out of mistrust or misunderstanding. We will explore how inclusion rather than exclusion can bring about peace and think about how we all need to work on peace within ourselves first.


March 24 – “Bad Things Happen” Movie: “Super 8”

With this lesson, we will explore the reality that bad things happen and we will consider different ways we respond when we try to cope with the bad things that happen. We’ll also try to understand that bad things happening can be an opportunity for growth.


March 31 “We Make It Happen” Movie: “Paycheck”

This lesson examines how knowing what the future holds can make us change our behavior in the present. It also considers how keeping the future a mystery helps us live our life to the fullest. We will also explore how the future is not set but can be changed by our actions.