Speaker: Rev. Dana Lightsey

Special Solstice Service

The 2019 Winter Solstice will be celebrated this year in conjunction with Dances of Universal Peace.  Join us as we weave together dance, song and ritual at UUCB in honor of this deeply held tradition. Please contact Debra Hammond, our Director Of Music, for more … read more.

Family Worship Service – If Only…More Love

Family Worship Services are for people of all ages to have a fun, interactive way to explore important and meaningful topics of Unitarian Universalism together.  These  worship services included singing, dancing, acting out stories, doing movement meditations, and generally growing our hearts and minds in … read more.

Coming of Age: A Year of Curiosity and Questioning

In this service, that signifies the culmination of a year of exploration and growth, our Coming of Age youth will share reflections on their own personal belief systems and spirituality. Religious Education for youth and children at 9:15am service only. Nursery care provided at both … read more.

Lost in Translation

As Unitarian Universalists, many of us have a complex and perhaps difficult relationship with Christianity, and yet it too is one of our sources of wisdom.  Perhaps if we dig more deeply into its origins, we may discover a new perspective that helps us navigate these difficult waters.  This service will take a new look at some of the wisdom teachings from the New Testament as translated directly from the Aramaic language based on ancient, Aramaic texts from Syria, and from the Dead Sea Scrolls.