Speaker: Rev. David Schwartz

Unboxing Day

A joyful and informal Christmas morning service. Come in pajamas, sip cocoa and coffee as we gather to unwrap (literally) this service of Christmas stories and carols, present by present.

One service at 10:00am only.

Solstice Service

Gather outdoors in person around a bonfire for this annual celebration of longest night! Bring warm clothes and good spirits for this gathering to drive the dark away. (Because it’s outdoors in the evening, we regret this service will not be live streamed.)

Blue Christmas

Inside a season of joy is also a season of loss and grief. This quiet evening service is for anyone not feeling merry and bright. We’ll ackowledge and hold that reality with grace, humor, and honesty.

Out of One, Many

Chaos and complexity are the mathematical foundations of our world — and a good description of how life often seems to feel! Spend the morning exploring the planless plan of the universe.

American Dreaming

On the Sunday before the election, tools for living in the tragic gap between what our American democracy calls us into, and who we are. (Don’t forget it’s daylight savings time today!)


Recording link: https://youtu.be/yYwKhyMMW0g

All Souls Remembrance

In our annual All Souls service, we honor and commemorate those in our lives and church family who have died. We join together in bittersweet memory and love as we reflect on the fleeting and precious gift of life.


Recording link: https://youtu.be/1UE528R0rm8

Blessing of the Animals

Celebrate the animals in your life! Bring your sociable, able-to-travel pets and critters to this outdoor service of appreciation for our non-human companions. It’s going to be a zoo!

Recording link (partial service due to technical difficulties): https://youtu.be/wO5pqIbMtZ0

Why We Need Critical Race Theory

We have the choice to face the reality of race in this country and the color line which divides us — or to bury our heads in the sand. How do we face the reality of our past and present without guilt and shame?

Recording link: … read more.

See No Stranger

Part memoire, part call to courageous love, Valarie Kaur’s “See No Stranger” — our congregational read this fall — invites us to see each other as parts of ourselves we do not yet know. What does it mean to take that simple, demanding invitation seriously?

Recording … read more.