Starting the Conversation – The Future of Our Building

This year, we’re exploring the future of our building!

The Strategic Initiatives Committee is looking at what’s possible: what’s the state of the building; what repairs are needed; what’s the value of the property; can we purchase elsewhere; what would it take to renovate, to rebuild, or add onto the site?

At the same time, the Board will lead conversations with the whole congregation about our hopes for the future: what do we want and need in a church building that lets us live out our mission and makes a home for our community?

In other words: what’s possible for this building, and what do we hope for? By next spring, we’ll have gathered enough information that we can start a church-wide conversation about what should come next for our building and future generations.


Structured visioning sessions at the church are scheduled for:

Sunday, October 30th @12:30PM; 

Tuesday, November 1st @7:00PM; 

Saturday, November 5th @10:00AM, 

and Sunday, November 6th @ 12:30PM. 


The goal of these sessions is to be both proactive and visionary about what our building needs to help us fully live our mission in the short-, medium-, and long-term. This is an iterative process. While the direction of this path is unknown, the effect on future generations will be great.

Please plan to join us. Let’s create our vision for the future together!   

Questions and Suggestions should be directed to