Stewardship Council – Thoughts on Sanctuary

In October, we’ve been exploring the theme of Sanctuary in our church services. One way to think about sanctuary is:


the practice of finding sacred space within and ensuring welcoming space for all.

The sanctuaries in our lives do more than simply protect us. They also send us. They don’t just help us heal from our journeys; they also strengthen us for the new journeys ahead. In their fullest, they are not escape houses as much as fueling stations.


Having been empowered by shelter, we are sharing that same gift with others through our work on the Stewardship Council.  Our church is a sanctuary and it needs repair and protection just as the people it houses. Our stewardship work will help us analyze our church sanctuary needs.


As we begin this important work, we invite you to reflect with us regarding The Strength to Go Out and Shelter Others by the Soul Matters Team:

Welcome to this holy space.
This shelter for our hearts and hopes,
a sanctuary for our deepest longings.
Here may we find rest and repair,
connection and comfort.
Here may we find our center
our breath
our voice,
And the strength to go out into the world and be shelter for others.

With gratitude, the Stewardship Council