IMG_0330Did you know that one of the fastest, most cost-effective solutions to our climate crisis comes when we look in an unlikely place– our trash cans!   More than 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions comes from our STUFF, and the way we produce, consume, and dispose of our food and products!

By Recycling and Composting– as well as by simply Reducing our consumption, Reusing stuff, and Refusing wasteful stuff– we can take a big bite out of our carbon footprint.

On Feb 18th the middle schoolers met with members of the Climate Action Ministry (CAM) to consider how the decisions we make today may affect future generations.  A short video by EcoCycle, emphasizing how we deal with all of our STUFF, was followed by a review of the new recycling rules and a rousing game of  “Where Does This Go?”   Points were awarded for selecting the correct bin: Trash, Recycle or Compost.  Big points were awarded for thinking of a better alternative.  All were asked to think about and discuss with family and friends three questions about what we would like to say to people seven generations from now.

The kids will be helping to train the congregation in the new recycling rules.  Watch for a fun and informative skit during CAM’s Earth Day worship service!


Heidi Todd and Ginny Black