Who Do I Talk To? – A Blog Post by Amy Szen

Hi there members and friends!

Hope you are all staying well, safe, and cool, during this hot hot summer.

Since the departure of our Interim Minister, Rev. Eric Posa, and Rev. Dana Lightsey becoming our Acting Assistant Minister until the arrival of Rev. Jeremy Nickel, some of you might be wondering who to contact about what!

Below is our current list of staff links to help with that. This is by no means a list of each of the staff members responsibilities, nor is it their job descriptions. Staff links roles vary team to team and staff members should not be seen as chairs or leaders of each group. They merely serve to guide and assist their teams.

Please note, these links are subject to change once Rev. Jeremy joins our team.

Rev. Dana Lightsey – Acting Assistant Minister

  • Personnel Committee
  • Worship
  • Racial Justice (Shared w/Beth)
  • Committee on Shared Ministries (COSM)
  • Board of Trustees (Shared w/Beth)
  • Caring Ministry/Pastoral Care
  • Family Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Campus Ministry
  • Adult Religious Exploration
  • LUUP
  • Sanctuary

Beth Elliot, Congregational Life Director

  • Staff
  • Racial Justice (Shared w/Dana)
  • Board of Trustees (Shared w/Dana)
  • Finance
  • Denominational Affairs
  • Connections Ministry
  • Membership
  • Communications (Shared w/Amy)
  • Affinity Groups
  • Small Group Ministry
  • All Church Retreat
  • Leadership Development
  • Safe Congregations
  • Stewardship
  • Buildings & Grounds

Amy Szen, Office Administrator

  • Communications (Shared w/Beth)
  • Archives
  • Building Use
  • Auction

Debra Hammond, Music Director

  • Choir
  • Chancel Cats
  • Hearth Singers
  • UUnicorns (Shared w/Amanda Williams)


Much love to you all!