Tea Houses

We won’t have a November Tea House, since the date comes at the beginning of Thanksgiving week, when many are leaving town or getting ready for out-of-town guests.


We will have a super-special Tea House and holiday sing along on Sunday December 16, from 2 to 6 p.m. Diana and Michael King will host in their Gunbarrrel home. Mark your calendar now. Bring your favorite holiday snacks and warm up your singing voice on the way there! The address and directions will be available that morning at UUCB or contact the Kings. It will be a great time to wear that holiday sweater!!!


We are signing up hosts for Tea Houses in 2019 now. Contact Mary Pierce if you’d like to host a tea gathering at your home (or in a park in the summer) on the third Sunday afternoon. All UUCBers and friends are welcome at these events without signing up. Attendance varies and people come and go during the specified time, so we always fit. Summers have more people and summer hosts usually have some outside space to fit more guests.