Things to do and Something to think about – A blog post by Beth Elliot

Beloved UUCB Family,


In my continuing efforts to bring you timely information, today I am sharing more ways to engage with anti-oppression work. Read on to find Things to Do this week to support BIPOC (Black Indigenous People Of Color) organizations. I also included ways to make a difference close to home by fighting for Aurora resident, Elijah McClain, and his family. To learn more about Elijah, click on his name in the blog post. 


Finally, there is a thoughtful suggestion from the ABQAbolition Bookclub on becoming a penpal with someone who is incarcerated. In a time when the pandemic is keeping us apart physically, it is a chance to really connect to someone while also expanding our repertoire of anti-oppression work. Find it in the Something to Think About section.


Things to Do this week: 



Black Visions Collective: A Black, Trans, and Queer-led social justice organization that is driven to end systemic racism. 

The Bail Project: An organization that provides free bail assistance, reunites families, and restores the presumption of innocence. 

Campaign Zero: An organization that collects and analyzes data on policing practices in order to end police violence. 


Demand justice for Elijah McClain

Write and call…


Gov Jared Polis 303-866-2471 

200 E. Colfax Ave Rm 136 Denver, CO 80203


Mayor of Aurora, Mike Coffman 303-739-7015 

15151 E. Alameda Parkway Aurora, CO 80012


District Attorney Dave Young 303-659-7720 

100 Judicial Dr. Brighton, CO 80601


District Chief Judge Emily E. Anderson 303-654-3550

Deputy City Attorney, Nancy Rodgers 303-739-6014 

Aurora CIty Attorney Daniel L. Brotzman 303-870-9078


Something  to Think About: