Topic: Journey

Lost in Translation

As Unitarian Universalists, many of us have a complex and perhaps difficult relationship with Christianity, and yet it too is one of our sources of wisdom.  Perhaps if we dig more deeply into its origins, we may discover a new perspective that helps us navigate these difficult waters.  This service will take a new look at some of the wisdom teachings from the New Testament as translated directly from the Aramaic language based on ancient, Aramaic texts from Syria, and from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Journey of Enfleshment

How might we journey into the depths of our materiality—the fleshiness of our lived reality—through the five senses?  How do our senses inspire our connections with one another?  With the natural world?  Using an ancient Christian text—deemed by some as heretical—called the Gospel of Truth we will explore how sight, smell, touch, taste and sound create relationship, bridging our inner and outer worlds, and taking us on a journey of connection and care in the ever-widening web of creation of which we are a part.


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Practices for the UU Journey

It’s important to have something to hold on to in times of chaos, but we also know the perils of dogma. Rather than clinging to creeds, we can build practices that help us connect and find meaning. Come learn more about UU practices. Religious Education during 9:15am only, childcare provided at both services.