Update on the East Wing


In early December the Finance Committee and Board agreed that the church must continue to lease space and generate $45,000 of annual income. The goal is to have spaced rented by March 1 and no later than July 1.


On December 10, the Building Use Committee, RE teachers, RE Ministry Team, Board and Staff met to brainstorm ideas for the East Wing, knowing that we would likely need to rent it. How will we allow for shared use of the East Wing between the church and a tenant?  Lots of good ideas were generated. Some we’ll be able to implement, some will have to wait, as always!  The list is documented and will be considered now and in the future.


The Building Use Committee evaluated all the ideas and concluded that the five rooms previously rented will need to be rented in order to generate income to keep our whole church budget strong.  o support this, Building Use and Aesthetics have been busy planning how to make the space more presentable not only for a tenant but also more appealing for our children and the RE program.  


  • A professional painter has been engaged to paint the entire wing as soon as possible.
  • The windows will be professionally washed after the painting is complete.
  • The Board has submitted a grant proposal to the Mountain Desert District for new flooring in most of the rooms.
  • Endowment proposals will be written for window coverings and a few other items to improve the spaces.


Parents are invited to help prepare for the painting on Sunday January 7 at 10:15 am.

If you want to help, too, email Rev. Kelly ministeruucb@gmail.com