Update on Fundraising for Rental Replacement and Building Use

You may be aware that when we voted to become a Sanctuary congregation, our long-term renter terminated their lease, leaving us with a $35,000 budget gap for this fiscal year (July 1, 2017- June 30, 2018).

We immediately began to fundraise to cover that gap and to cover some of the building renovations necessary to make the space attractive to potential renters. In the meantime, one of our boilers failed creating a $10,200 expense. When it rains it pours!  


The good news is that the fundraising response has been OVERWHELMING!


Here’s what has happened to date:

  • We’ve raised $20,440 inside of UUCB and from neighbors who have just dropped off checks.
  • Our Fabulous Feasts and Fun auction raised $5,000 more than we budgeted.
  • We have received a donation from Jefferson Unitarian Church of $6,300.
  • We hit our online Faithify campaign goal of $7,500! The campaign goes on through February 17, so continue to share links with your friends. https://faithify.org/projects/make-sanctuary-possible-in-boulder/
  • We were awarded a Chalice Lighter Grant from the Mountain Desert of the UUA for $5,029 which will be used for new flooring in the classrooms we rent.
  • We had Rental Reserve funds which will be used for paint and window washing.
  • Our Endowment Fund has paid for the half of the funds required to replace the boiler. The other half has come out of our Restricted Cash Flow Reserve account for now until other fundraising dollars come in.


We still need to replenish those accounts. We need to purchase window coverings for the East Wing (something recommended for safety reasons), and there seem to be other little things that come up to care for our aging building. So the following fundraising is moving ahead:  

  • Boulder Valley UU Fellowship has committed to share their offering plate with us in February.
  • Foothills Unitarian has pledged a minimum of $3,000 in March.
  • First Congregational Church of Boulder (UCC) has asked us to apply for a grant from them, which we’ll do.
  • Send people to the Donations page of our website to continue to give.

Our expert Building Use committee has done a deep dive into county demographics and real estate data to determine the best type of tenant for our space. Our zoning does not allow for office space or healthcare providers (massage therapists, acupuncturists), so we are focused on educational organizations. Next chance you get, walk down our newly painted RE wing to see how bright and fresh it looks, and soon there will be new flooring in many of the rooms.  Both the RE program and a new tenant will benefit from our improved classrooms. We have been contacted by several interested potential tenants and are setting up ‘walk throughs’ with the ones the committee feels would be a good fit. Our target date for a new tenant is no later than July 1, 2018.


Thanks to so many generous people and our committed partners, things are looking up financially! We will move into the pledge canvass for 2018-19 (which starts March 11) on solid ground. Thanks to all of you who have contributed.


In faith,

Rev. Kelly Dignan, Minister

Andy Burgess, Treasurer

Diana Maiden, President