In Case You Missed It: Early Report & Visioning Process – An Update from the Si! (Strategic Initiatives) Committee

Early Report from Si! Committee & Visioning Process – Recording

What is the future of our UUCB church building? What is possible?

This year the Strategic Initatives Committee (Si!) is beginning to look at options for our building. The members of Si! are Burton Lee, Whitney Wheeless, Fred Cole, Mary Dineen, Diana Maiden, and Robin Miller. Janet Evans is our liaison to the Board of Trustees. We are charged by the Board of Trustees to look at the physical state of our building to see what is possible for our future.

We are asking questions such as what major repairs need to be made now? What is the value of the building in its current condition? What is the value of the land we own? What zoning and building code requirements do we need to know? To help us with answering those and other questions, we have released an RFP (request for proposal) to multiple appraisers in the Boulder area. This information will be critical as we consider whether we can purchase another property, take on a major renovation to rebuild or add on to this site.

This is only the beginning of a process. In the spring of 2023 we will have several informed church-wide conversations about what we want next for our congregation, our building and further generations of UU’s in the Boulder Valley. Please continue to look for up-dates from the Si! Committee in the Messenger, we promise to share what we learn.