Urgent “Mini” Membership Matters Message

We honor members, friends, visitors

Today (7/26/21) I received a phone call from Camden, ME from former member Hayden Williamson.  She and Jonathan were pillars of UUCB after becoming members in 1995. He was President, Moderator and many other positions.  She served as the Membership Committee Chair (Now Connection Ministry) for many years. She WAS Membership!  They both sang in the choir.  Jonathan has had a form of Parkinson’s for thirty years though it took far too long to diagnose.  He has been moved to Hospice care, in the retirement facility where they live, and would LOVE receiving emails.  She indicated that he can no longer move, and may not recognize people after the next week or so. Currently he is as sharp as ever!  So please respond sooner than later!  Her email address is haydenkw1@gmail.com. They are still in COVID lockdown so I know your messages will be well received.

Love.Care.Hugs, Barb Richards