UU Church of Boulder Cares About You!

At UU Church of Boulder, people care about you. There are four components to our congregational care program.  


First, you all care for each other through Mutual Support.  Each Sunday, we share our Blessings and Concerns. Ask our ushers for help to share yours. Affinity Groups (age based groups that meet monthly)  and Covenant Groups (groups of 8 that meet for 8 sessions to listen deeply) are ways you connect with others and receive support for the journey of life. New covenant groups start March 15, so be sure to contact Sharon Belew if you are interested. You can also contact Abby Highland getconnecteduucb@gmail.com


Secondly, there is the Caring Ministry Team which has been in place for many years. This team supports you when you have health concerns like illness or upcoming surgeries.  

They send cards, make phone calls, drive you to appointments, visit. Jayne Toman is the chair of this ministry. She is on sabbatical, so Rev. Barbara Molfese is acting chair.

You can reach out to her or Amy in the church office (officeuucb@gmail.com) to receive support in these ways.  


In the Congregational Care structure, Rev. Kelly, our Lead Minister, serves church members, by providing short-term pastoral counseling or spiritual direction, and crisis care.  Rev. Dana does the same especially for families.


Pastoral Care Associates extend care beyond what the ministers are able to offer.

They apply in writing to Rev. Kelly and then attended a weekend long training. They provide you with confidential, one-to-one deep listening if you need spiritual support which may happen during a life change like birth, adoption, loss of job, divorce, relocation/move, retirement, death of a family member or friend. If you would like that kind of support, contact Rev. Kelly (ministeruucb@gmail.com) so she can match you with one of these Pastoral Care Associates.


And…you can offer love and kindness to everyone you meet to extend care in every interaction here in our church community.