UUCB Covenant Group Program Refreshed!

Since 2013 more than 100 people have participated in Covenant Groups at UUCB. These groups build connections and develop trust within our community which makes us willing to live more boldly and lovingly in our world. They have helped many of us to grow in our individual sense of worthiness and acceptance as we engage intimately with our fellow UUs.


This year we will begin using a new format and curriculum for our Covenant groups called Soul Matters, produced by the UUA and popular with many other congregations. Groups have 8-10 participants, including two co-facilitators. They meet once a month and commit to 8 months, with the option to continue if the participants so desire. The group also can take on new members if someone has to drop out for any reason. We will begin anew in 2018. Whether you are new to this congregation and Covenant Groups, or whether you have experienced Covenant Groups in the past, please consider joining us in January.


I am inspired by the words from Gretchen Haley in the latest UUWorld magazine:


So often we resist with our rational brains the experiences our hearts most crave.

We talk ourselves out of the love that stands so close we could almost eat it up if we could just…stop. Let go. Love.

To receive love like that would mean an ongoing willingness to be vulnerable, an ongoing journey of transformation, breaking open and changing, being born and reborn again.


Covenant Groups help us with that ongoing journey of transformation.


Sharon Belew

Tom Denkenberger