UUCB Earns Green Sanctuary Accreditation!

asset_upload_file823_119968It’s official!  In late September UUCB received a letter from Rev. Karen Brammer, UUA Green Sanctuary Program Manager, congratulating us on earning Green Sanctuary Accreditation. Congregations receive this accreditation in recognition for their service and dedication to the Earth. http://www.uua.org/environment/sanctuary This is a true acknowledgement of our church’s long-term commitment to environmental stewardship and activism, and the accreditation takes our commitment to another level.


In Rev. Brammer’s letter, she said, “Your application reflects deep and wide commitment to this critical ministry throughout your congregation.”  In particular one review team member commented that our lobbying efforts through Citizens’ Climate Lobby were “First Rate. The best I have witnessed so far especially since you did not stop with your congregation, but set up ten more Citizen Climate Lobbies.”  The letter also praised the work done to make our building energy efficient and said that the many activities described in our application reflected a high level of congregational awareness, creativity, commitment and follow-through.


The letter had some suggestions on how we might expand our church-wide engagement around environmental issues. In particular, they had suggestions for including environmental wisdom as a repeated element of our weekly service, and they encouraged us to expand our environmental justice work by building partnerships with frontline communities.


The UUCB Climate Action Ministry, which submitted the application on behalf of the church, will take these suggestions to heart as we continue our work.  Special thanks to Judith King, who made it all happen by taking on the responsibilities of coordinating with the GS Program Manager, documenting the church’s environmental activities from the past several years, and writing up the extensive application.


Please join us in celebrating this accomplishment that is a true reflection of our church’s commitment to our seventh principle:  Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.