UUCB is very fortunate to have Christopher Watkins Lamb as our Intern Minister this church year.

As a lifelong UU, he not only brings a great deal of experience to our congregation but also his wonderful story-telling and musical talents. Christopher began his full-time internship with us in September. He will be with us through June and will be involved in many aspects of our congregation’s ministry and administration throughout the year. Hopefully, many of you have already met and/or heard him on Sunday mornings or will have the opportunity to do so as the year goes on.

One of the many elements of his Internship is for Christopher to meet monthly with an Internship Committee that is representative of the congregation at large. The members of Christopher’s Internship Ministry Team are: Tessa Davis, Chair, Ron Gould, Debbie Davies, Lisa Hughes, Wendy Kerr and Dan Thomas. Our role, as described by the UUA, is a supportive one — “to be a caring, resourceful liaison with the congregation and to listen and provide guidance to Christopher by observing and giving him feedback about his personal and professional development as a minister.”  Christopher also welcomes direct, constructive feedback from members of the congregation, which, in adherence to our Covenant of Respectful Relations, should never be anonymous.

Please welcome and get to know Christopher and his family whenever you have an opportunity.  He is here at UUCB on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. Sometimes on Sundays, he brings his daughter Wrenowyn while his wife Amber works as the Director of Religious Education at Namaqua UU Congregation in Loveland.