Vote UUCB! – A Blog Post by Scharmin Dorostkar

We only have 10 days left to the election.  I have been busy in the past several weeks phone banking.  This sounds like a terrible job, but I have really enjoyed it.
It has put me in touch with Americans of all ages and walks of life all over Colorado.
It has been an amazing opportunity to listen.
It’s a spiritual practice I would recommend for anyone.
It’s socially distanced and safe.
It can be done from home at a variety of times convenient for you.
It feels like I have answered the call to action.
Many organizations, including the UUA are phone banking to encourage voter participation.   It’s not too late to try it.
Here are links or contacts to get started:
UU The Vote – UUA Phone Bank
Phone Banking for Democrats Abroad – Calling Democrats Abroad – Local Colorado Phone Bank
Connecting bravely,