VOTE UUCB! – A Blog Post By Scharmin Dorostkar

We are in election season.  I often find it hard, and by extension demotivating, to complete and cast a ballot when I don’t understand the history, context, and background of its questions.   Voting is fun and compelling when you know about something and have an opinion.  It’s daunting, when you don’t.
So from now until election day (Nov 3, 2020) I have resolved to understand the issues and candidates on our ballot.   I will pass on pieces and informationals of what I find in this blog, especially if it is relevant to UUCB’s mission.   The goal is to make voting fun and engaging and motivate all of us to cast a ballot.
So here is my first.
This November Coloradans will vote on whether to keep our state within the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a coalition of states trying to functionally end the Electoral College’s role in presidential elections. National Popular Vote is a movement to make the United States a more representative country by dismantling an electoral system that gives ‘swing’ states disproportionate power, lets the candidate with less votes win the presidency, and incentivizes presidential candidates to ignoring the vast majority of voters.
Colorado Common Cause, alongside State Senator Mike Foote, sponsor of Colorado’s National Popular Vote law, and Professor Ben Waddell of Fort Lewis College are hosting a discussion on the need for a National Popular Vote and the historical role that the Electoral College has had in perpetuating inequity in our elections.
If you are interested, here is the information for the webinar.
Colorado Common Cause September Happy Hour.
National Popular Vote & The Racist Roots of the Electoral College
Thursday, September 3, 5:30-6:30pm MT