“Welcome to UUCB” photo album for Rev. Jeremy

Reverend Jeremy Nickel officially joins us on August 31st, and we want to give him a warm reception…from a distance.  So we’re creating a “Welcome to UUCB!” digital photo album of his new congregation’s faces to help him get to know us.

If you want to participate, here’s how it will work:  Email a photo — Less than 5 megabytes — to UUCBphotoalbum@gmail.com. Bob and Janet Evans will build a slideshow of our beloved community.  Because we’re digital, there’s really no deadline; however, we’d love to have this nearly complete by the end of September.

Keep it simple by just using your cell phone camera.  Selfies are fine, pets are welcome. Maybe take a picture doing something you enjoy–hiking, playing with your kids, cooking, reading.  Just be sure we can see your faces and the background isn’t too cluttered.

Include a sentence in your email with all of your family members’ names in the order shown on the picture plus your relationship to UUCB.  For example:  Terry Smith with daughter Julie, joined UUCB 2001, Caring Committee member, love to bike!

Questions or unable to email a photo?  Just email your inquiries to UUCBphotoalbum@gmail.com and we’ll work it out with you.  We could scan a print photo or perhaps use a pix from the church directory or archives. 

Thank you for helping us create a welcome photo album for Rev. Jeremy! Bob & Janet Evans