What’s New in Recycling at UUCB? UUCB Climate Action Ministry

The Boulder County Recycling Center recently completed state-of-the-art upgrades, allowing more plastics to be recycled. Some new recyclables include plastic “clamshell” containers (like berry containers) and take-out containers, rigid plastics like 5-gallon buckets (handles are OK) and plastic dairy and hummus tub lids.

Reminders for using our inside bins:


  • Low quality paper like paper towels, dark or bright colored office paper, shredded paper, greasy or waxed cardboard. No plastic covered paper products like fast food cups, disposable plates, etc.
  • All food waste.
  • Certified compostable products like plates, cups and utensils. Look for a label.


  • Paper and cardboard: newspaper, office paper, phone books, paper bags, cereal-type boxes, cardboard boxes (flattened)
  • Containers (empty): glass, tin cans, aluminum cans, milk and juice cartons, plastic bottles and jugs with lids, glass jars, and new items listed above.
  • No plastic bags, flattened containers, Styrofoam, scrap metal, ceramic or glass household items


  • Plastic coated paper products
  • Non-recyclable plastics
  • Wrappers and frozen food packaging
  • Other items not accepted for recycling or compost

Quick tips for volunteers using our outside bins:

The key for the outside Corral is hanging in the kitchen. On it is a quick tip card and a flashlight for nighttime.

  • Green bins for compostables. Put the compostable light green bag with contents in this bin, along with clean garden waste.
  • Blue bins for recyclables. Empty the plastic bag from the inside bin, then put the bag in the Landfill bin. No plastic bags in Recycle!
  • Black bins for landfill. All other items.

Hazardous Waste: Do not put oil, paint, pesticides, solvents or other toxic chemicals in the trash or down the drain. Take to Hazardous Materials Management (HMM) Facility at 1901 63rd St., behind the Recycling Center. Open Wed – Sat, 8:30 am –4 pm.