WOLF Ambassador and Civic Engagement by Middle Schoolers

IMG_6711On March 4th, Hailey Hawkins, from the Endangered Species Coalition, and Michelle Proulx, from the W.O.L.F. Sanctuary, presented an exciting program to attendees of the Middle School Con at UUCB.  Michelle spoke about wolves, how they communicate and how they positively impact their ecosystem, helping to keep it in balance. She brought with her three enthusiastic volunteers, trained in handling, and a special ambassador, Spartacus, a handsome wolf hybrid. Hailey spoke about civic engagement in protection of endangered species. The audience was enthralled and the ambassador and audience got to interact at the end of the presentation – a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.  The middle schoolers wrote letters to the Colorado Senators expressing why they believe that wolves should be in Colorado and Hailey delivered 70 letters to their offices.  

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Judith King

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