We offer Sunday services at 9:00am in person and at 11:00am both in person and online via YouTube Livestream. At this time, all in-person attendees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. [Note: Masking is now optional.] Religious Education for children PreK-5th grade is offered at the 9:00am service, and for middle schoolers at the 11:00am service each Sunday unless otherwise specified.

When Do You Have Enough?

Pokemon Go, Japanese Buddhist hells, 1980s advertising, and the poet Wendell Berry offer answers to the question of how much is enough.

How We Believe

For more than two centuries, the principles and purposes of our tradition have changed in their expression and remained constant at the same time. How do we articulate what we believe in a creed-less religion?

The Center of Our Values

Our seven principles articulate our core values and virtues: a proposed eighth principle would add active work toward racial justice to that list. And an overhaul to the principles proposes a whole new way to think about it. What does that mean and why, practically, … read more.