The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder follows rotating monthly themes based on values historically held by Unitarian Universalists and broad areas of contemporary spiritual life. More than 190 other Unitarian Universalist congregations follow the same themes. So despite great distances between us, we are spiritually connected by the themes, traveling each month on the same journey. We explore what it means to become a people who live these values.

2016-2017 Ministry Themes

  • September: Covenant
  • October: Healing
  • November: Story
  • December: Presence
  • January: Prophecy
  • February: Identity
  • March: Risk
  • April: Transformation
  • May: Embodiment
  • June: Zest

2015-2016 Ministry Themes:

  • September: Invitation
  • October: Letting Go
  • November: Ancestry
  • December: Expectation
  • January: Resistance
  • February: Desire
  • March: Liberation
  • April: Creation
  • May: Blessing
  • June: Simplicity