Write Here! Write Now! [WHWN]

 is a program of the Unitarian Universalist Social Justice office. It offers congregations a way to communicate with opinion leaders and policymakers to advocate for positive change, or to express a point of view on public issues facing our community, state or nation. 

As part of an advocacy initiative, letter-writing can be an effective means to let officials know how our faith and values compel us to seek a better way of life for people and a more just world.

Research shows that elected officials respond more favorably to hand-written letters from their own constituents than to emails and petitions. When an entire congregation writes letters and they are delivered to the policymaker by members of that congregation they are even more powerful.

WHWN addresses these social justice issues at this time, focusing on an aspect of one each month:

  • Immigration
  • Climate Action and Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Saving our Democracy

Look for the WHWN table after the service in the Sky Room, on the first Sunday each month, to write your letter to our congress people. Sample letters, guidelines, and information on the topic will be available. You can also sign up for an emailing list that will give you a couple of days’ notice about the topic, if you want to write your letter at home and bring it in on the first Sunday. 

The letters will be sent to the UUSJ office to be hand delivered by trained UU volunteers to the Hill, giving them an opportunity to develop relationships there, and to discuss issues from the point of view of Unitarian Universalist principles.