Who do I call? A flowchart for UUCB emergencies

No one enjoys having to decide whether or not to call the police, and the situation is even trickier when an incident is happening on UUCB’s property.  We’ve put together a flowchart for UUCB emergencies with input from staff, the Board, the Safe Congregations team, Ingrid and the sanctuary team, and the Racial Justice Ministry.  Our procedure emphasizes immediate life safety over property damage or nuisances and provides a number of non-law-enforcement community resources to minimize calls to law enforcement. We also outline the necessary steps that must be taken for Ingrid’s and the church’s safety if law enforcement does need to be called.  Please take a look now, so that you’re not caught unprepared in case of an incident while visiting the church in person. We will also post a copy in the front window and make the flowchart available with the rest of the COVID-19 guidance.