Board of Trustees


2021-22 Board of Trustees with Rev. David and Rev. Dana


The Board of Trustees guides the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder in developing our congregation’s vision and strategy. It holds fiduciary responsibility, sets the church’s operating policies, and maintains foundational documents such as bylaws. Members of the Board are nominated by the Leadership Development Committee and elected by the congregation for three-year terms.

  • President: Jim Rowe (2023)
  • President-Elect: Will Kropp (2024)
  • Past President: Chris Zanoni (2022)
  • Trustees:
    • Allison Churnside
    • Steve Todd
    • Scharmin Dorostkar
    • Sarah Vollmann

Other Officers and Positions

  • Treasurer: Burton Lee
  • Board Secretary: TBA
  • Clerk of the Congregation: Ellen Cotts
  • Moderator of the Congregation: TBA

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) recruits, develops, and nurtures the current and future leaders of our church. LDC provides leadership training and development, invites church members into positions of church leadership, and maintains close communication with committee and ministry team chairs, the Board of Trustees, and the religious professionals. It also provides recognition of service for church leaders. Members of LDC are nominated by the Board and elected by the congregation for three-year terms.

  • Whitney Wheeless
  • Susan Secord
  • Robin Miller
  • John Cuddington

Committee on Shared Ministries

The Committee on Shared Ministries (COSM) measures the effectiveness of ministry programs through an annual survey. COSM offers education on our Covenant of Respectful Relationships and provides opportunities to practice it. It also convenes the Congregational Life Council and participates in the annual evaluation of the minister. Members of COSM are nominated by the Leadership Development Committee and elected by the congregation for three-year terms.

  • Susan Bailey
  • Karen Morgan
  • Gene Arnn
  • Sally Hall