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June 2013 Worship Schedule

babynaming6/02         “Remaining Incurably Hopeful”   Rev. Howell K. Lind


06/09         “Drawing Outside the Lines” (A Full Church Worship Service and Flower Communion)  Rev. Howell K. Lind


06/16         “Higher Ground”   Diana Hultgren                                                                        


06/23          “Shaking the Chains”   Diana Hultgren


06/30         “The Seeds and Fruits of Vision”    Beth Chronister        

Leap of Faith Program

LeapoF6Our church has been chosen to participate in the Pacific Western Region UUA Leap of Faith Program.

What is Leap of Faith? It is a one year program that pairs a healthy congregation with a mentoring congregation that is growing. Participants will tap into their collective wisdom to trigger new growth for the aspiring congregation and offer our faith more boldly to our spiritually hungry world.

Sixteen congregations from our region are participating in the program. We are a mentoring congregation. A highlight of the Leap of Faith experience will be a site visit from the travel team of our aspiring congregation, Mission Peaks Unitarian Universalist Church in Fremont, CA. next winter.


Jenny visited with the incoming President at the Big Faith – No Borders Conference. There will be more information about this exiting opportunity in the future.

Share-Our-Plate “Thank You”–TRU Community Care

Annette Mainland of TRU Community Care (formerly Hospice) receives UUCB checks totaling $2,172 from Hilton Fitt-Peaster who nominated TRU to Share-Our-Plate in April. Hilton organized UUCB’s Share-Our-Plate ministry and served as its Volunteer Coordinator the last two years.

Tru “We’re so glad to have taken part in the UUCB Share-Our-Plate benefit for TRU Community Care,” said Annette Mainland, VP Philanthropy. “Thank you for delivering the checks – very generous! In addition, nine UUCB people approached us about volunteering.”

Share Our Plate


President’s Column

Jenny FPThis year has been a time of growth and change. Our church is stronger and more vibrant because all of us have practiced our simple church focus: deepening faith, living well, and enacting justice.

The year began with Mindful Meetings in our various church committees, councils and task forces. Your Board of Trustees made a commitment to Mindful Meetings at the beginning of every Board Meeting. Because of this commitment, by your Board and others throughout our church community, our church is a better place because we listen deeply to each other and care for one another.

A second commitment made by your Board of Trustees was to spend almost half of each Board meeting on Visioning. To accomplish this we committed to do administrative business via email whenever possible. We visioned on worship, lifespan faith development, goals and objectives, ministry, and communication. We often invited members of key committees or councils to join our visioning. Thanks to all who helped your Board vision our future.

This visioning helped us shape our church year. We have shared many major accomplishments. Let’s highlight a few…

The Church Playground we all dreamed about for many years became a reality last spring under Mary Clough’s leadership. This is a story of commitment and community building. Watch for announcements of phase two in the upcoming months.

This has been a year of change and growth. From our hymn “Enter, Rejoice and Come In” the words “Don’t be afraid of some change…” often play in my mind as I recall this past year. An important Task Force looking toward our future was GROW, chaired by Janet Kern. Their observations and recommendations are posted on our UUCB website.

In February you voted to extend Rev. Howell Lind’s Developmental Ministry Contract for up to an additional five years. Prior to our Congregational vote we held informational forums and all members had the opportunity to participate in visioning our future. We also designed a ministerial succession plan. The UUCB goals are an important part of our contract with Howell and other key staff members. We will all participate in accomplishing these goals in our Shared Ministry. The complete set of goals are posted on our church website.

We had a Bylaw Task Force last Fall. All members were invited to forums to explain recommended changes and gather input. Our Congregational Meeting in January adopted updated Bylaws. Thank you to the members of this important Task Force chaired by Hilton Fitt-Peaster.

Our Communications Committee chaired by David Hughes is working to improve communication in this digital age with members, friends and those seeking what our faith has to offer. This year we added the Midweek Messenger edited by Karen Morgan Highlighting events in our upcoming week. Our website and Facebook pages are constantly updated by Michael Dryburgh to inform our members and help new visitors find us. And, just this month a new electronic Clearlight Messenger newsletter was introduced. Our heartfelt thanks to the Communications Committee, who often hear criticism of changes, but seldom praise.

We are a growing congregation. The Young Adults are a vibrant community within our church. We welcomed abundant new members into our church and are open to the changes they bring. They came to us with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for UUCB and our faith.

These are a few of the major accomplishments of the past year. Each chair of a council or committee has prepared a written report highlighting their accomplishments.  These reports are available in the member section of our UUCB website. I encourage you to read about all we have done together this past church year. And, I personally want to thank each of you for everything you do for our church.

Finally, I want to express gratitude for the work and support of my fellow Board Members: George Brandon, Past President; Whitney Wheeless, president elect; Karen Morgan; Jennifer Skiendzielewski; Jason English; and Ralph Hanson. Special thanks to Will Kropp, Treasurer and  Caitlin Moore who has served as Board Secretary since forever.

And a special “Thank You” to Howell, not only for your service as our minister, but also for embracing our shared leadership. Working together with you and Whitney made it easier to be President.

Thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President during the 2012-13 church year. I invite you to “Enter, Rejoice and Come In”  and “Don’t be afraid of some change” as we continue our commitment to our simple church focus: deepening faith, living well, and enacting justice.


Lifespan Faith Development by Justin Butterworth

Justin ButterworthI’d like to speak to what Summer 2013 looks like here at UUCB in terms of our young UUs Lifespan Faith Development programming.  As some of you may know, UUCB is not holding their own summer camp this year.  With all of the transition in the leadership of the Lifespan Faith Development program, we felt unable to fully offer an energetic and exciting camp.

So, rather than holding our own camp, we are extending our congregational reach to our UU community offerings.  There are multiple other camps and retreats that are occurring this summer offered within the Front Range UU Community.  I would draw particular attention to the youth summer camp offered at BVUUF in Lafayette.  “Dharma Camp” will be held from June 3rd to June 7th, 9 AM to 3 PM daily at BVUUF.  ‘This camp will offer an interfaith UU and Buddhist camp for children, celebrating and learning with martial arts, calligraphy, kyudo (Zen archery), as well as a Bouncy Castle, fire circle, animals in our Zoo Room, afternoon water play and twice daily chapels.’  I would encourage all UUCB families to look into this exciting camp as a way to expand connections with our local UU community.

At UUCB, we will be presenting a special curriculum for the summer.  While we understand that families may be away frequently on trips over the summer, we are hoping to maintain enthusiasm and interest through an exciting program.  More details to follow soon.

And finally, I wanted our members to know that I will be staying on as the Interim Director of Lifespan Faith Development through August.  We are hoping to have our new, permanent Director of Lifespan Faith Development hired shortly.  I appreciate your continued support and help as we move through these summer months.

Membership Matters — June

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Laurie Duncan who is still dealing with the infection in her shoulder.  We miss your laughter and YOU!  We had a time of quiet as we remembered the people of Boston, and the Texas fire saying it had been a hard week.  Emily Valerio’s dear friend, Maria Rodales was killed Sunday, May 12, by her estranged husband.  Justin Butterworth’s great uncle Bill died last month.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Carol Saunders and Reed Bailey’s granddaughter, Erin, graduated from the University of Northern Arizona.  Becky & Jerry Palmer’s daughter, Stephanie Palmer was married March 29th in Boulder, to Dane LeBlanc.  Last month they helped them move to Portland Maine, where Stephanie will study at the University of New England to become a Physician Assistant.  My special thanks to Ingrid & Steve Parker who “personed” the Greeter’s table while we were in California.  Will Kropp was elected to be the MDD (Mountain Desert District) Treasurer, and is now a member of the Board of Trustees.  April 30th at 11:30 p.m., found Fred & I at the County Clerk’s office supporting Mary Dineen and Sue Masterson who were twelfth in line, to receive their Civil Union Certificate.  The excitement and energy in the building that night (in spite of pouring rain) with both couples and allies about took the roof off!  The following Sunday, Betty Skipp and Jean LaDue had a Union Ceremony before church at UUCB with Rev. Lind officiating and witness’ Ellen Lilly and Fred Cole.

A special Thank You goes out to the 45 members and friends who rode the “Big White Bus” to Aurora (and to the 4 others who joined us there) — to participate in a Vigil in front of the ICE “Processing Center” on May 6th!  This All-Church Social Change event was sponsored by UUCB’s Immigration Ministry.  It was particularly pleasing to have whole families involved (7 children attended).  In total nearly 80 people gathered at 30th and Peoria, making this the largest crowd that has ever assembled.  Rev, Howell Lind provided the appropriate spiritual context for what we were doing — and the evening was a total success!  Kudos too, to the members of the Immigration Ministry who planned and coordinated this activity.  Once again, UUCB has shown what can be done!

Random Thoughts: Fred came across this quote recently, “Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!” — Anon.  Your YES is always appreciated when asked, and your offer, without being asked, is a real blessing!

Fred, Jenny Fitt-Peaster, Rev. Howell Lind and Moi attended MDD’s first Pacific Western Regional meeting in San Jose, CA.  The theme was Big Faith – No Borders which was attended by nearly 700 UU’s from our four combined Districts.  It was well done, and well received.  Stan & Marianne Stefancic came from San Rafael for the Sunday morning service, and took us back to Marin County where we spent time touring, eating and just enjoying being together.  Stan joined us for breakfast before taking us to the San Francisco airport on Monday.

With Love & Care, Barb

All Church Ice Cream Social

After church on Sunday, June 9Sundae

Join us in the sky room for ice cream and all the toppings.  Home made chocolate syrup made with Ghiradelli chocolate!

Visit other ice cream lovers and enjoy a special very funny music surprise.

Circle Suppers — June and July

June Circle Supper, Saturday, June 1.  Last chance to enjoy a meal on Dianne Ewing’s Louisville deck! Bring your celebratory dishes to share at 6 p.m. Dianne’s house is under contract to sell, with the closing at the end of June, but the closing may be sooner! Call Dianne to sign up if you have not done so at UUCB already!

July Circle Supper, Saturday, July 6.  Enjoy a barbecue with Reed Bailey and Carol Saunders on their deck, Saturday, July 6, at 6 p.m. Bring your favorite item to share for the barbecue or to go with barbecued fare. Stay around to see the fabulous sunset from their home overlooking Boulder and the mountains. Sign up at UUCB in late June, or call them to reserve your spot.

Wednesday Goddesses–June

GoddessesWe will meet in the Skyroom on Wednesday, June 5. Isis is our Goddess for June. We are all going to do some research on her and bring information to share. We need volunteers to come prepared to do one of the following (please pick by June 1 and indicate your choice in the “potluck” section of the e-vite):

1. Opening (candle lighting, perhaps calling the directions, some words about Isis).

2. Information about Isis – what she represents, her mythology, cool things about her, etc.

3. Eye make-up to look like Isis.

4. Simple art project about Isis (drawing?).

5. Chant or song.

6. Closing words.

Social time begins at 6:30 while we set up, and the circle begins at 7:00 pm.  If you’d like to be on the e-vite, please contact Laurel or call her or Debbie Davies with other questions.

Tea House–July

No Tea House in June–it Dad’s Day, so enjoy it with a dad you know or a father figure! On Sunday, July 21, Diana and Mike King invite us for conversation and refreshments at their home. These new members are transplants from Maryland, near DC. Bring finger food or a beverage to share. No sign up required. Just come! Directions will be available at UUCB on July 21, or phone them for directions.

Choose Compassionate Consumption When You Eat Out

WaiterChoose Compassionate Consumption When You Eat Out

Free Luncheon & Discussion

Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder

5001 Pennsylvania, Boulder, Co

June 2, 2012

12:30 – 2:00

Light lunch will be served

Please RSVP – 303-449-4759

Need childcare?  RSVP by May 29th

  • How do restaurant workers live on some of the lowest wages in America?
  • And how do poor working conditions –discriminatory labor practices, exploitation, and unsanitary kitchens affect t the meals that arrive at our restaurant tables?
  • Learn what you can do to choose compassionate consumption when you eat out
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