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Wednesday Goddesses–June

GoddessesWe will meet in the Skyroom on Wednesday, June 5. Isis is our Goddess for June. We are all going to do some research on her and bring information to share. We need volunteers to come prepared to do one of the following (please pick by June 1 and indicate your choice in the “potluck” section of the e-vite):

1. Opening (candle lighting, perhaps calling the directions, some words about Isis).

2. Information about Isis – what she represents, her mythology, cool things about her, etc.

3. Eye make-up to look like Isis.

4. Simple art project about Isis (drawing?).

5. Chant or song.

6. Closing words.

Social time begins at 6:30 while we set up, and the circle begins at 7:00 pm.  If you’d like to be on the e-vite, please contact Laurel or call her or Debbie Davies with other questions.

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