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Grow Our Church—Grow in Spirit: UUCB Volunteer Opportunities

growWhat is the best way to give back to the church community you love? To find your place? To make new friends? To live your UU values? Volunteer!

UUCB relies on its volunteers and lay leaders for everything coffee on Sunday morning to making important decisions about the future of our church. Many of us lead busy lives and find it hard to dedicate time to the church beyond attending on Sunday mornings, but those who share their time and talent report that volunteering is well worth the time.

More good news: opportunities are available at the church right now! So, if a Member of the Leadership Development Committee or Board of Trustees talks to you about filling a need at our church, please give it consideration. We need you to make our community an even better place. We’ll also keep volunteer opportunities posted here in the CLM so that you can let a member of the Leadership Development Committee know you might be the perfect fit.

This month, we are looking for:


1, Auction chair- we need to find someone willing to coordinate the fundraising auction this year. We won’t be able to hold the auction in November as usual, but it can certainly be done early next year.

We have auction software that should make job easier.


2. Fundraising coordinator- We’re looking for ideas about how to do some fundraising from people who aren’t members, instead of expecting our members and friends to both pledge and support every fundraiser.

We don’t expect this person to *do* all of the events, rather, to gather ideas and get people who are excited about them to make them happen.


3. UUSC chair– The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is an International Service group that ascribes to UU Principles and is informed by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.  Feel free to call Mary Jean Ewing if you would like to learn more about UUSC and what our church has done in recent years with this group.

–The Leadership Development Committee

(David Hughes, Ingrid Parker, George Wolf, Paula Base, Mary Clough, and Toni Piwonka-Corle)

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