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Membership Matters–November 2013

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Family and church member friends of long-time member, Mary Grey a spirited, delightful, independent woman born in Australia died at home on September 20 at age 91. Fern Levin recently had a heart attack and received two stents.  Sunday, October 13th, she was in church and enjoying her new energy!  Martha Kappel, Jenny Fitt-Peaster’s Mother, was in Boulder Community Hospital with an irregular heartbeat, but is now at home in Hospice care with heart failure.  She is loved and supported by Ed, and her very large family, many who are an important part of our church family.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Ralph Hollingsworth attended the wedding of grandson Douglas in Key West (as Diana Nyad came ashore, about the same time).  Douglas and Brenda live North of Miami.  Bob & Julie Ford thanked all who helped with food, loans of equipment and labor during the high water.  Julie Zielinski and husband Eric Wilson are expecting their first child who is due March 2014. Hilton and Jenny Fitt-Peaster are in Italy for a month celebrating 36 years of love, and successful surgery!  I’m happy to report that after 3+ years daughter, Kendall Richards has a “Big Girl” job in the hotel industry as a Sales Manager.  We rejoice with Steve & Heidi Todd, who celebrated a their 25th wedding anniversary on September 25th in Switzerland.  Bill and Sharon Belew are new Grandparents twice over.  Born three days apart they welcomed Oscar Tennessee Cadava in Chicago, and then flew to Denver to welcome Lachlan Joseph Perry.

Special Welcome to our Newest Members:  Neil DiMuccio, Linda Dixon, Trish Judd, and Kristyn Christman-McCarty & Hannah Jackson.  We are very pleased that you have joined us.

IMPORTANT Random Thoughts:   Since the end of August after returning from Sacramento, CA, Caitlin and I have purposely worn our LEAP of FAITH name-tags to church as a teaser.  When asked I promised that it would all be revealed, and the time is now.  Rev. Howell Lind, Amy Rowland, Caitlin Moore and myself were the UUCB Travel Team as Mentors attending the Pacific Western Region Leap of Faith Launch Conference. Yes, we were the Mentors to Rev. Jeremy Nickel, and seven awesome members from the Mission Peaks Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont, CA.  To be mentors, sharing what we know works, with another church after our five+ years of change and growth made my heart feel very proud.  The program is based on UUA President Peter Morales’ consultation with large and growing congregations, Leap of Faith is more a methodology than a program, inviting congregations into learning communities with larger congregations.  Our church will be involved with their church through 2013-2014.  Their travel team will be here in January so you will get a chance to meet them as well.  There were eight teams attending and interestingly four were from Colorado.  Two as Mentors, and two as Mentees.  For me it was a bit of a full circle as Rev. Nancy Bowen facilitated the first two UUA sessions — one in New Orleans (2010) and one in Minneapolis (2011).  Fred and I were volunteer staff for her not participants.


With Love & Care, Barb

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