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Membership Matters–December 2013

barbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Family and friends of those who have died since our last newsletter:  Ruth Barnard(M), Marjorie Baer(Fr), Jean Haywood(Fr), Carol Seideman(FM), Clara Niemoller(M), Dianne Ewing’s mother at 98 in Maine, and Rev. Brenda J. Stiers a United Church of Christ Minister.  Fred Cole (& 1st wife, Wendy) has known Brenda and husband Tom (also a C of C Minister) for over 51 years.  Rev. Nancy Bowen had Brenda as her Boss & Mentor in the 1980’s-90’s.  Thus, Howell became included in the six degrees of separation because of Nancy.  I joined the group about four years ago, when the Stiers retired to Boulder, and the friendship resumed, right where it had left off.  On October 20th the Fitt-Peaster family lovingly remembered their daughter, and sister, Rachel Fitt who died October 20, 1994.  Sharon Larocque on the death of her Step-Granddaughter. November 20th, marked the third year since the Cole/Richards family lost our youngest daughter Spring.

Key: M = Member of UUCB;  FM = Former Member; Fr = Friend of UUCB

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Phil Wittmeyer and the B&G Committee for our new water fountain which is open for business for both kids and adults in the Sky Room — next to the Listening Room. Virginia Wight is filled with joy in the graduation of her grandson from the Escoffier School of Culinary Art. November 5th Beckett Coppola passed her interviews with the Regional Sub-Committee on Candidacy and is an official “candidate” for the UU Ministry!  With much joy, Marlin Kropp and his Lego robotics team made state finals last month!  An abundant  amount of gratitude to Mary Jean Ewing who as the Volunteer Coordinator for UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) has done an incredible job, and “retires” as she and husband, Peter, begin taking on his role as District Governor with Rotary.  The Lynn Pendleton/Bill Schuler family had birthday joy for sons Ollie on 11/15 and Noah on Sunday, 11/17!!  Victor Barnard has moved to Florida to live with his son Robert, and his wife Beverly.  Their address is: 517 Woodchase Drive, St. Augustine, FL  32086.  I’m sure he would love to hear news from Colorado.  On November 17th Kelly Dignan, our beloved former Ministerial Intern, became Reverend Dignan at her Service of Ordination. She was  surrounded with love and joy!  Check out the snazzy new coffee cart that Judith King found at Ikea for UUCB coffee makers.  Mary Dineen and Sue Masterson, who were married on November 29, 2013 in San Francisco by Rev. Kurt Kuhwald.  Sixteen years ago Kurt presided over their Celebration of Union, when he was our minister. They have been together for 23 years. Kurt said he still had the “words” from that ceremony in his computer.  He also dedicated Elliot Dineen when he was a baby.  The ceremony was performed on the steps of City Hall with only the five of them — Mary, Sue, Elliot, Evan, and Kurt.

Random Thoughts:  If you missed Howell’s recent sermon on “Do No Harm” it has had a lasting effect on me, and David Mendosa.  Why do I know about David?  He has included the statement in the closing of his emails.  For me it was like Wow, our world could be so much better, and different if others lived this way.  The possibilities are endless in how we could all get along, and work together.  The concept is so simple and easy to do on a daily basis.  Religion, politics, and YES, even Congress would be a place where things actually get done with such a simple purpose.

With that statement in mind — I mean no harm, but I have been told by several of us that they are wanting our Sunday morning services to go back to being more spiritual and yes, even religious.  They and I, would prefer that we NOT applaud for everyone during the service. It is usually appropriate for our guests, but most of our musical performances are designed to create a mood, rather than being an entertainment.  In the past, we clapped for everything but in recent years, that has changed.  We have come so far — so please help us return to that place again. When the Central Cluster meeting was here, I noticed that the Youth now just rub their hands together, without a sound, to show their gratitude, or give a silent wave.

Since becoming your UUCB Hospitality Ministry Coordinator your positive responses to my requests for Greeting, Ushering, and Coffee has been so heart warming.  Coffee which requires four people (two to set up, make coffee & bring goodies and two to clean up afterwards) is harder to recruit for — so please check out the sign-up sheet on the office counter every Sunday.  Our Young Adults do this on the first Sunday of each month, and I appreciate them so much! Please tell them you do too.  Don & Ellen Lilley are ushers on the first Sunday of the month, and Bob & Julie Ford are ushers on the last Sunday.  Their commitments make me smile and say THANK YOU!


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