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Membership Matters for April

barbOur thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  Kirsten Farnsworth who shared her story, with us last month.  Great to see her back with a clean bill of health from all her cancer treatments.  We will look forward to her “tickling the ivories” on our piano once again. When I was connecting new member Heather Ogren, with Jan Ogren, daughter of former members Ken & Marge Ogren, in California Jan replied back with the news that her mother died in July – very peacefully, just the way she wanted to.  She had not been enjoying life as much, but had a wonderful two weeks prior to her death, including celebrating their 64th anniversary and July 4th concert.  Ken is going to be a delegate at General Assembly from UUCSR (Santa Rosa).  He sounds like an “energizer bunny” as he tries to get out for a 2-3 mile hike a couple times a week.  Speedy recovery to Diana Maiden who had hip surgery in March.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:   We were pleased that the Governor of Arizona did the right thing, and vetoed the bill that would allow further discrimination against gays.  Fox Martin ‘s Pinewood Derby car won second place in a race at North Boulder Park.  Last year he placed fourth.  Last month Dianne Ewing, Karen Morgan, Helene & Jon Bond went to visit former member, Ellen Synder in San Miguel, Mexico.  Jon & Helene Bond welcomed their fifth Grandchild, Dylan Matthew Bond on March 13th.  To the 50 or so who turned out for the dramatic presentation of “Do You Know Who I Am?” on March 16th. These courageous young people, Ana, Juan, Hugo, Oscar and Victor, did an amazing job of transforming our chancel into a real stage!

We had a nice mix of Church members and visitors from the larger community.  Their next public presentation will be during the Conference on World Affairs, watch for it.  Rev. Amy Rowland who we ordained on Saturday, March 22. 2014!

Special Welcome to New Members:  Amanda Alonzo; Phil and Sarah Lieder and their son Henry; Lynisa and David Robinson and their son Isaac.  We are very glad you joined us.

Random Thoughts:  Last month Fred and I had the pleasure of being Opa & Oma to Mercedes’ daughters, Kerry, Wendy and Lupita for two nights.  Mercedes along with two other women from Colorado were chosen to travel to Washington DC to join with 200 people from across the country to testify to their Congressmen about Immigration laws, and keeping families together.  Fred reports it has been over thirty years since he has tutored trigonometry!  He fixed breakfast and delivered the girls to their three different schools.  I had the evening shift doing dinners and bedtime enforcement which was easy.  To those who are new; our Immigration Ministry has companioned this family for three years, and it has been a joyful experience.  Mary Jean & Peter Ewing have been their ride to church, when Mercedes tends our nursery on Sunday morning.  Because Peter’s role as President-Elect of Rotary takes them out of town others have kindly stepped up to to assist with rides as well.  During coffee you will find the family at a table where you may order and pre-pay for Mercedes delicious tamales, burritos and flan.  These items are ready for pick-up the following Sunday!

Trish Judd shared her chalice lighting story last month, and yes I first met Trish in the 1970’s.  At the time I was Director of Religious Education at First Universalist church, and each year we attended a staff retreat at La Foret in the Black Forest.  We were Ministers, Minister spouses, DRE’s, and Office Administrators.  We would break into our small groups but have meals, some workshops, and spiritual time together as well, and many fond memories.  At that time Trish and husband Rev. Al Judd would travel from Lubbock TX (then part of the Mountain Desert District).  It was great to have her walk into UUCB her first Sunday morning, and be able to welcome her warmly!

Love & Care, Barb

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