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Membership Matters–June 2014

BarbWe Honor Members, Friends, and Visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  The Piwonka-Corle family of four, as Toni’s Father, Tom, fractured his back in a fall.  

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Helen McGrath graduated May 4th from Regis with MAE in”Linguistically Diverse Learners” after nearly seven years!  Robert Buschnell turned 90 on May 11th.  Robley Williams whose newborn grandson, Max, was born in Europe.  He is 4 kilograms, and 55 centimeters — Joy all around.  To Suzy Belmont who graduated from CU with a Masters in Civic Systems. We also had three of our own graduate from Naropa. Beckett Coppola, MDIV, Virginia Jenkins, Psychology and Gen Morley, Psychology. Beckett will become the Ministerial Intern at Jefferson Unitarian Church, for 2014-2015.  Rebekka Struik’s daughter, Margo, came to celebrate Mother’s Day with her, and they enjoyed a trip to the Art Museum.


Fred and Moi, along with Emily Conger, Deb Hoff, and Susan Secord will constitute our “on site” delegation to the UUA General Assembly, in Providence, RI — June 25 to June 29.  Our Ministerial representatives will be Howell, and Amy Rowland.  Amy will also be “called” into Preliminary Fellowship, on Friday night. You can keep up on all of the action by watching the “live stream” via


Random Thoughts:  OK, the time has come for me to ask for YOUR help!  As your Hospitality Ministry Coordinator my very special thanks to all of you who have said YES to me.  I am so grateful to Don & Ellen Lilley, Bob & Julie Ford who each take a Sunday every month to Usher.  To Aaron Gerber and the Young Adults who provide Coffee set-up/clean-up the first Sunday of every month, and to Becky & Fox Martin who greet on the first Sunday of every month.  They have made this their Volunteer Service  to UUCB — plus they all do much more!  Please think about what you would like to do, on a regular basis, and let me know.  This is not a “forever” commitment and substitutes are available.


A very special Thanks goes out to Michael and Diana King, who not only made the coffee, but also helped with the clean-up after our Congregational Meeting on May 18th!  Also, to those who brought our “mini-lunch” that day.


I am responsible to provide the Sunday Morning Hospitality Volunteer Staff for Greeter(s), Ushers, Coffee Set-up and Coffee clean-up.  On the Sunday’s that I do not have time to recruit, it makes the job a bit harder, as names for our Order of Service are due to Judith no later than Wednesday morning.  


These Volunteer assignments are a very easy way to get your feet wet in your/our Church life.   Because we are a year-around Church, there are always opportunities available.  Caitlin Moore, who coordinates the Sound Technicians, would also love to have more people available to do this important task.  A sign-up sheet is available every week on the Office counter.  You can also “tell me”, “call me”, or “send me” an Email.  I look forward to saying THANK YOU, for your YES!


If ever you get the opportunity to go on a BorderLinks trip from Tucson to Nogales Mexico, do not hesitate — just go.  I had the perfect Delegation (that’s what we were called) to travel with:  Mary Dineen, Jenny Fitt-Peaster, Rev. Amy Rowland, Fred Cole, Emily Conger, Will Kropp, Lou Mazzola and Maureen Flannigan from Columbine UU Church.  Hope you were in attendance at our Sunday morning service (May 25th) — if not check out the DVD, from Caitlin.


With Love & Care, 


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