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Membership Matters by Barb Richards

BarbWe honor members, friends, visitors

Our thoughts and good wishes continue to be with:  We become terribly attached to our Young Adults, others as well, but their lives are more transient due to school, jobs, and life.  This goes under two headings because it is sad for us but good for them.  We said goodbye in August to Bridget Hanna & Jesse Coleman-McGill as his job here ended, and her schooling will continue in Boston.  The part we will miss out on is that when they left us “they” were five months pregnant, but promise to send picture of the baby to be.  The good news for them is they will have family close by to assist and spoil the Grandchild!  Judith King, our awesome Church Administrator had a bike accident last month and broke her wrist. John & Barbara Taylor’s son is a guide, living in France.  He was leading a group in Italy and three people, including him, were caught in an avalanche.  One of the men died, and their son was buried face down for an hour.  He is recuperating, and re-thinking his life.  Carol Saunders had hip surgery last month.  Our beloved Johnathan Williamson has lived with Ulcerative Colitis for the past year and none of the medications his gastro doctor has tried have worked.  Wanting to gain back his life he is having Ostomy surgery in early September. Hayden said he told the surgeon I have a Trifecta: Parkinson’s, Gluten free and now this — too much for anyone to deal with so they are both in our thoughts, and here’s to successful surgery.

Congratulations, Good Luck, Blessings, and Thanks to:  Our own Amanda Riggers was invited to attend a Chamber Music Festival in Luxembourg for three weeks.  Nice to have Peter Ryan, pianist with us during her absence.  Neil DiMuccio & Suzy Belmont announced that they have decided to share the wonder of daily life together by moving into a new condo at 30th and Colorado. We are invited to visit them!  Ten members of the Fitt-Peaster family (UUCB members Hilton and Jenny), with Arthur, Johann, Jade and Jasmine Fitt (of First Universalist of Denver), plus Becky, Thad and Fox Martin (of UUCB), as well as Mary Peaster, all celebrated the wedding of Violet Fitt (past UUCB member) to Liam Obeidallah, July 29th, on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, surrounded as well by additional friends and family.  Violet and Liam Lawrence, as they are now known, will continue living on St. Martin.

Random Thoughts:  Life.Love.Relationship got pushed to the top of the list at our home.  Fred Cole had emergency surgery on August 1st due to an infection around his hip surgery incision, from two years ago.  Five days in the hospital, and six weeks of daily trips to the hospital for antibiotic infusion.  He is not in pain, and we appreciate all the care and concern, as we look forward to the end of this recent episode!


With Love & Care,


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